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Online EA and Indicator Locking System


The Lock ID system has two types


1.Lock ID only
2.Lock ID and specify the name of the EA or indicator


The Lock system according to the period of use has two types


1.Expired lock
2.Non-expiring lock

In the expired lock type,

the administrator can set the expiration time,

such as 30 or 90 days.

The system will send an email to the customer 5 days

before the expiration date.

If the expiration date is reached,

the system will deactivate the trading account.


The system has two components


A.Customer section of the administrator

1.Register members through the administrator's link

(email notification to the administrator)
2.Add or delete trading account numbers for approval by the administrator

(email notification to the administrator)
3.Can change personal information


B.Administrator section

1.Can add or delete their own trading accounts
2.Can approve trading accounts for customers
3.Can search and delete customer trading account numbers and usernames
4.Can view customer trading account numbers and usernames
5.Can edit personal information
6.Can add or delete EAs and indicators
7.Can add or delete brokers
8.Can add or delete customer expiration dates
9.Can view the Lot Balance and last usage date when the customer uses the system
10.Can delete trading accounts based on the balance and the number of days the customer has not used the system
11.Has a page for customers to view their trading results.


In the part of the system for administrators, if the expiration date is approaching within 7 days, the system will send a notification email. When the expiration date has passed, the system will disable the user accounts of both the administrator and their clients. We will backup the administrator's data for 7 days, after which the system will delete their user account and all client accounts associated with it.


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