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MetaTrader to IQ Option

( MT2IQ )

"The customers have an indicator that signals the entry order to connect to our system,

making it easy to send the entry order signal to IQ Option.

"MT2IQ is merely a bot that connects MT4 to IQ Option.

It is not a bot that generates orders on its own.

In the case of enabling Auto order placement,

customers need to have indicators providing signals connected to our Expert Advisor to place orders,

or customers can manually place orders based on their strategies."

"The instructions for using and installing MT2IQ can be found in the article or in the manual that you downloaded along with the MT2IQ Bot.

Customers can test various settings using a demo account before making a purchase.

We will not intervene to install any systems for customers before or after purchase.

Our support is limited to addressing issues or errors related specifically to the bot, such as instances where it's paid for but not functioning."

Online EA and Indicator Locking System

(Lock ID MT4 MT5)

Our online Lock ID system supports both MT4 and MT5

and comes with a back-end management system for your customers.

Perfect for those who offer EAs or indicators to their team of IB clients.

You can set an expiration date for your EA or indicator.

Simply enter the lock ID code into your EA or indicator once.

Convenient and hassle-free,

no need to send updated code to your customers frequently.

Or, you can choose to lock it permanently.

Try our service for free for 7 days.

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